Black box with lower case white letters and words that say by "NYLO Hotels".
White circle with wide horizontal black stripe through the center. Letters LOCL appear in white anlong with Bar, New York.
White circle with black outline has red letters spelling SODA in the center along with NYLO Hotel, southside, Dallas
Red box with large whiye letters spell LOFT inside a grid and small letters spelling THE on the side.
Red shield with white letters TERRACE centered, smaller BISTRO underneath.
Large white W in black box with words the say "W Hotels Worldwide".
Black Box with word NYLO written vertically on left and letters NY on top with LO on bottom.

Brand & Concept


With extensive experience in creating and launching new hotel and restaurant concepts, Archtower understands the importance of the guest experience.  We are knowledgeable about emerging trends driving consumer preferences. This knowledge is the cornerstone of our brand development process to create memorable hospitality brands.  We continue to engage new clients, and we are actively seeking to participate in new hotel and restaurant concepts.